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use2wheels coaching: A totally personalised training plan

Coming soon will be the ability to interact with me via the Training Peaks website and smartphone app....

Use2wheels coaching gives you a tailored training package and advice to enable you to maximise your potential and enjoyment, whatever your current ability.   Ride like the pros in the Tour de France

Questionnaire: As everyone has different objectives and experience it is essential  that, as a coach, I have certain information about a rider before I can start to develop training plans and sessions for them. I use a comprehensive questionnaire, which is straight-forward enough to fill in.  It asks about short and long term goals, current training methods, previous achievements and the time you have available for training.  This questionnaire can be conducted electronically or as an informal, 10-15 minute, telephone interview.

With all the information gained from the questionnaire I will draw up:

Annual Training Plan: showing an overview of when you will be peaking and tapering in order to reach specific goals and maximise your performance for individual events.

Monthly Training Plan: outlining what the objectives are during that training period.  

Weekly Training Plan: detailing individual training sessions and specifying rest periods on a daily basis.  This will be sent to you electronically and I will provide you with comments and advice on fulfilling the coming week's training. At the end of each week, you will be required to feedback on how you are finding the sessions and make notes on your general health so that future training plans can be adapted to suit.

As well as tailoring your training individually on a day-by-day basis, I will also, throughout the year, send out bi-monthly training notes advising on:

  • Energy drinks and food for training and while competing in events.

  • Core stability exercises to strengthen your back and abs to improve power output.

  • Stretching for improved performance.

  • Ramp testing to obtain maximum heart rate info.

  • Climbing and descending the huge European mountains.

  • Equipment to improve performance.

  • Training indoors during the winter.

Fees: A joining fee of 60 (covering your initial consultation and yearly training schedule) then a monthly charge of 45 per calendar month.  This can be paid via paypal or credit card. 


Steve Hall cycling in the Pyrenees

use2wheels  -  00 33 (0)5 62 39 27 34  -  use2wheels@wanadoo.fr -  2 rue du Padouen, 65330, Galan, France